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Summer Boarding Schools

What is a summer boarding school?

These programs are offered by boarding schools who wish to extend use of facilities into a year ‘round format. Boarding schools are seeing the advantage of continuing to bring in income from facilities that would otherwise stand unused over summer holidays. These schools already have the faculty, infrastructure and know-how to run a very successful boarding operation. Offering boarding school summer programs typically in two-week segments is a prudent use of resources.

For families, this presents an ideal opportunity for their students to “audition” a boarding school experience. Perhaps you know that your local school is no longer a great solution. A summer boarding school can give you and your student a feel for the boarding school experience and for the specific school itself. It lets your family evaluate if your student has the maturity to live away from home independently. Further, your family can test the academic level. Is this program too challenging or does it offer the right amount of scholastic rigor? Students are able to experiment also with the style of instruction. Is small group Socratic discussion around a table engaging? Is problem-based learning appealing? The classroom experience must be a good fit. Boarding school summer programs also typically give students access to a wonderful range of extracurricular and sporting facilities. These schools may be nationally recognized for performing arts, tennis, equestrian or STEM initiatives. If your student is a nationally-ranked athlete or an elite performer, summer boarding schools offer the opportunity to audition world class facilities in the company of other talented students.

Boarding school summer programs or traditional sleep-away camps?

The biggest difference is that boarding schools run all year and camps operate for only the summer. The boarding school has the edge. They are more experienced, coordinated and buttoned-down in terms of delivering program and smooth running of the “mechanics” of boarding school. Tennis camps, soccer, music and robotics and even academic camps are very popular. Many of these are run by boarding schools. Parents should research and make sure that staffing and facilities requirements meet expectations, especially when it comes to requirements of your elite athlete, scholar or musician.

Summer boarding schools for English Language Learners

Student improve their English skills by attending intensive English Language classes and experience living in a residential community. Students should have basic to intermediate skills and be able to follow basic instructions from teachers and staff. They should be ready to work hard and expect to grow academically and emotionally. Because class sizes are small, students experience the benefits of individual attention and focused English practice. Students quickly form close relationships with teachers, counselors, and each other. Students gain a great advantage when preparing for the TOEFL exam and continuing their education in American schools.

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