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Primary School in USA

Best elementary schools in USA

Elementary school is the first and fundamental step in your child’s education. In the US, children ages 6-11 attend grades 1-6 or grades 1-5 which can also be called primary school. The best elementary schools establish a strong educational foundation that can affect performance in core subjects for the rest of your child’s academic life. Whether you are looking for a public or a private elementary school, you should thoroughly research all the schools in your area before making a decision that will impact up to six years of your child’s learning and development.

Types of primary schools in America

In the USA, most children attend their neighborhood public school. Generally parents take great care to select a home that lies within the catchment area of a well-regarded school. Best elementary schools in USA will have high scores on state-mandated assessments. They will have a good track record of years of academic success. Grade three is a pivotal year. Check that all students are at grade level in reading and math. Ask about the school’s curriculum. What is their plan for teaching Common Core standards? What is their math curriculum, their language arts curriculum? Are teachers practicing differentiated instruction in the classroom? Review their homework policy. Ask about funding per pupil and how many students are in each classroom. Consider the condition of the school buildings and safety protocols. Above all, observe a classroom in action. You want to see teachers who respect the children and students who are focused but at ease.

Best primary schools in USA can also be found among private schools, faith-based schools, charter schools and magnet schools. These schools tend to have a more specific focus or distinctive philosophy. Some schools such as Montessori, Waldorf and classical education schools practice a particular pedagogy. Make sure that your core educational values align with the program you select. These programs are not “all the same.” There really is a great deal of difference in their assumptions about how children learn and which instructional strategies are most productive. Above all, ask if this is a student-lead or a teacher-lead approach. The answer to that question will shape the entire school program.

Examples of best elementary schools in USA

Despite the fact that student scholastic assessments are state-specific, making it difficult to compare schools among states, there is still a great deal of information related to student performance. Using that data, here is sample of best public elementary schools among neighborhood, charter and magnet programs, all schools funded by government dollars. Schools represent all geographic regions of the US.

  • John Ward Elementary School, Newton, MA
  • Edward Brooke-Charter, Roslindale, MA
  • Neshkoro Elementary, Neshkoro, WI
  • Weyerhaeuser Elementary, Weyerhaeuser, WI
  • Life School McKinney, McKinney, TX
  • Martin Elementary School, Beaumont, TX
  • Challenge Elementary, Montlake Terrace, WA
  • Polaris at Ebert Elementary School, Denver, CO
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