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Military Boarding Schools

What are military boarding schools?

Military schools are designed to provide students with a military education, based on the importance of leadership, discipline and responsibility. Military boarding schools offer a combination of excellent academic formation, attention to physical fitness and discipline that will help develop good citizens for the future. Military schools are not designed to help teenagers with serious behavioral problems, such as extreme cases of defiance, violence or substance abuse. In fact, many military boarding schools will not accept cadets with difficult behavioral problems or students not willing to join the military boarding school by their own will. Best candidates are students who are self-motivated and predisposed to follow the school’s rules.

Military boarding schools are often misrepresented as exhaustively hard environments where students are exposed to dangerous activities and extremely severe discipline. This is not the case. A military school is, first of all, a school. Military boarding schools are among the most prestigious academic institutions in America. They may have a long and tradition-laden history. They cultivate highly skilled and principled young men and women who are more likely to succeed than their peers, whether they choose a university or military career.

Typically military boarding schools do impose a relatively strict code of behavior and a regimented daily routine. However, harsh discipline is forbidden and abuse is strongly punished. The environment will be safer than a local school. Your student’s friends will be the ones you wish she had. Students gain confidence by developing skills in sports and academics. Military school values stress teamwork, dedication to duty and living according to a lofty moral code.

Reasons for choosing a military boarding school for your son or daughter

  • Your teen shows a special admiration for military life and would be happy to join a military school.
  • Your family has a long tradition in the military which has been passed along to your teen.
  • He or she is failing in an ordinary school for lack of guidance and discipline.
  • You have recently moved to another town and your student finds the school environment unfriendly. A military school will certainly provide a higher level of camaraderie from the very start.

Military boarding schools for boys

Schools typically have smaller class sizes than public options. Students are well supervised and mentored. The academic experience encourages strong work ethic and taking personal responsibility for learning. Emphasis on routine and organization promotes time management skills. For the right student, the experience produces a self-confident and independent young man.

Military boarding schools for girls

Military boarding schools for girls provide a highly structured and regimented environment which trains self-control and persistence. There is an emphasis on physical fitness and athleticism. Programs offer traditional or advanced academics within a positive peer environment.

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