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School Placement for Relocating Families


For families needing a school transfer

Whether you’re moving across town or across the world, Schooling is a top priority

Relocating with children can present a unique set of challenges. While adults have resources that help them process the impact of the transition, children have difficulty managing the changes which effects them academically, socially, and emotionally. As a result, parents may want to carefully consider potential effects that moving schools can have on their kids, and the ways in which they can prepare them for the best possible experience.

The impact a school transfer has on a child depends on different factors, such as the age of the youth in question. The younger the student, the easier a move may be. However the older child will remember the experience and learn more from it.

Once children have begun to attend school, school relocation will mean separating them from their friends. Students may struggle as they attempt to make new friends in a new environment or different culture. This may make students feel sad, confused, or even angry at their parents for making the change. Parents should sit down with their children before the move and discuss the reasons behind it and prepare them for what they can expect. It is important that parents convey their enthusiasm for the move and take leadership in setting a positive tone. Children tend to adopt their family’s opinion of the relocation.

Starting at an entirely different school also has the potential to impact children’s academic performance. If children worry about being behind in class, parents can explain that it is certainly not their fault. Schools teach different subjects in different sequences. Parents can promise their kids that they will do all they can to help them catch up to their peers.

To avoid these and other possible issues, parents will want to carefully select among the best schools for kids. The priority in the school transfer process is finding schools that best fit your child’s needs and personality. Maybe this is a good opportunity to leave a lackluster school situation and find those things that were missing in you student’s present school. How can you best match your child’s current curriculum with schools in your new community? If expect to return to your original community which schools have a course of study that will make the return move as smooth as possible? Plan forward strategically. Ask about feeder patterns. Make sure that the school you select now is aligned with other well-regarded programs in subsequent educational stages.

Finally, remember that children are resilient.  They will learn adaptability and benefit from experiencing life in different corner of the world. With your thoughtful planning and encouragement, moving schools can be a positive experience.

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