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Boarding Schools for Boys

Why chose an all-boys boarding school

Boys and girls learn differently. One of the main advantages of an all-boys boarding school is that teachers can specialize in learning strategies that are gender-specific. One example is the notion that boys favor competition. So learning activities should build in opportunities to compete. However, even some of the so-called “boy differences” may not be innate, but the result of cultural imprinting. For example, boys may be “risk-takers” because parents encourage it. Best educational outcomes are directly related to good teaching, including leveraging of gender-appropriate classroom strategies. The fact is that every student learns differently. Smaller classes, more resources, better-trained teachers and a variety of teaching methods promote learning gains. Choosing a boarding school for boys is only the beginning. A close examination and evaluation of overall strength of the educational experience is also a must-do.

Pros and cons of boys boarding school

Simply deciding to opt for a boarding school for boys does not guarantee a solution to your student’s academic quest. Some students need more than a school away from home. If your student has learning differences, is struggling academically or has behavior related problems, a boarding school for boys may end up doing more harm than good. Some boarding schools put considerable demands on students. This may create a lot of stress for a young man not equipped for that kind of environment. On the other hand, some boys thrive in an all-boy setting where they are challenged academically, can exercise independence, are given leadership opportunities and benefit from the close camaraderie of their peers.

Examples of boarding schools for boys

  • Military – highly regimented and structured, preparing students for a branch of the military
  • Outdoor adventure – physically rigorous, experiential learning programs training self-reliance and independence
  • Academic – college prep academies where the focus of the learning experience is preparing students for admission to selective universities
  • Sports focus – ample opportunity to devote time and concentration on achievement of national ranking or elite status

How to make the right decision

Let our team of experienced consultants guide your search among the best boarding schools for boys. We work closely with the top schools and programs and take pride in matching the needs of your student with the boarding school where he will thrive. Our customized services include:

  • Assessment
  • Selection of appropriate schools
  • Arranging appointments for tours, interviews
  • Advocacy on your behalf with key school personnel
  • Application preparation assistance
  • Explanation of required testing and mock interviews
  • Facilitating the decision-making process
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