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Catholic Boarding Schools

Catholic boarding schools

Schools offer programming directed toward the human intellectual, ethical, and spiritual development of each student. They educate students in fidelity to the Catholic intellectual tradition. Typically Catholic boarding schools have a strong emphasis on academics, believing that students should develop a life-long balance of sensitivity and reason. This formation stresses the integration of faith, academics and character. Schools offer religious instruction in the Catholic faith, but may admit students of various religious backgrounds. Schools offer numerous enrichment activities including athletics programs, theatre, music, visual arts, community service, debate and environmental clubs, peer ministry, student government and publications. There are programs of off-campus weekend activities.

Among Catholic boarding schools, there is a wide representation by Catholic order, geography and academic programming. There are 14 different orders from Augustinian to Norbertine with schools located in 18 states. Some Catholic boarding schools are co-ed. Others offer all-boys or all-girls programs. Some schools offer supports for students with learning differences. Tuitions range from $20K to $60K per year.

Parents are well-advised to select thoughtfully among these many offerings. The Catholic Boarding School Association represents affiliated schools with detailed program descriptions to assure best fit between student and Catholic boarding school.

  • Marianopolis Preparatory School, Thompson, CT
  • Chaminade College Preparatory School, St. Louis, MO
  • Santa Catalina School, Monterrey, CA

Christian boarding schools

These boarding schools are generally understood to represent the Protestant theological tradition. Christian boarding schools may be as diverse in their approach to spirituality as they are in school culture. Episcopalian, Lutheran and Baptist schools are well-represented. Some Christian boarding schools admit students of all faiths, including Muslim and Jewish. Christian boarding schools offer a stable learner community for families that frequently relocate, or work “away from home” as in the case of missionary families who work outside the US. Best Christian boarding schools will be affiliated with accreditation bodies such as the American Association of Christian Schools.

For many girls and boys, the solidarity of a single-sex school offers the advantage of a much more robust preparation for life. Differences between girls and boys are supported rather than ignored. Employers recognize that teams comprised of both men and women return higher quality decisions than those comprised of men alone. Here are some examples including Christian boarding schools for boys and Christian boarding schools for girls.

  • Brooks School, Andover, MA, Co-educational, Episcopalian
  • Church Farm School, Exton, PA, all-boys, Episcopalian
  • St. Timothy’s School, Stevenson, Maryland, all-girls, Episcopalian
  • Stony Brook School, Long Island, NY, Co-educational, Presbyterian
  • St. Croix Lutheran School, St. Paul, MN, Co-educational, Lutherana
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