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Boarding Middle Schools

What are boarding middle schools?

These schools may also be called junior boarding schools. Generally junior boarding schools serve students ages 11-15 in grades six to nine. They can be co-ed or single gender. They can be “stand alone” schools or part of a larger school which includes high school students. Top junior boarding schools offer younger students consistent environments with nurturing, loving faculties committed to health and well-being of their middle school aged students.

Describe the daily experience at middle school boarding schools.

The students live in dormitories. One boarding student described it as “a sleepover every night”! The schedule includes meals, classes and afternoon activities. Study periods are built into the afternoon schedule with the older students scheduled for one or two additional study periods in the evenings. Weekends offer time for activities off-campus. Best junior boarding schools offer a stellar array of enriching experiences such as photography studio, robotics, snowboarding, dressage, fencing or Model United Nations.

What would persuade a parent to send a young student off to middle boarding school?

Families may be looking for a consistent, community environment for their student at an earlier age. Ages 11-15 is a tough time. Best junior boarding schools have faculty dedicated to working specifically with middle years students. Students should be known and know that they belong. Junior boarding schools offer the 24/7 supervision every child needs and deserves. For parents with demanding careers and schedules, there is peace of mind knowing your student is safe, in a structured and nurturing environment where a staff member knows what is going on literally all of the time.

Parents may also wish to give their student academic advantages offered at boarding middle schools where there are small class sizes, credentialed teachers and opportunity for students with specific interests to accelerate their learning in target areas. Top junior boarding schools prepare students to be good candidates for elite senior boarding schools. Students who are learning English also benefit. Faculty have experience teaching English language learners to boost English fluency in preparation for rigorous high school studies. They are also aware of the cultural adjustment and are adept at supporting international students’ integration to US.

Finally, boarding middle schools offer a focused environment with few distractions. Students finish classes and walk over to the auditorium for play practice or right over to the soccer field. If the student needs an additional half an hour with the band director to get a piece right, there is no complication re-organizing parent’s schedules for a ride. The seamless integration of academics with extracurricular activities, athletics and social life offers a convenient, stress-free experience.

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