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Autism Schools – Choosing a School for your Autistic Child


How do you choose the perfect school for your autistic child?

Setting your child with autism down the right education path is one of the most important things parents will do, as the right school and setting can make a huge difference in your child’s educational and social success. The right school ideally will make your child feel comfortable and create a welcoming learning environment; however, there isn’t a set rule of what schools work best for which children or levels of autism. Many children with autism will struggle in a traditional schooling environment, while others may thrive with just a few modifications. Children with autism may benefit from a school with a low-sensory environment, specially trained teachers and support staff, smaller class sizes, and curriculum and lesson plans specifically designed to meet their needs and learning styles.

There are typically four options: public school, charter school, private school, and home school. Larger cities also tend to have schools that are designed specifically for students with autism, with facilities and curriculum tailored to autistic students.

Choosing a school is a major decision that can feel overwhelming.

Our experienced educational and school placement representatives can assist you throughout the entire process. Because autistic children tend to favor a routine, spending time to choose the right school at the beginning of their educational path can spare them the trauma of switching to a different school later. It can be beneficial to create a long-term academic plan early in your child’s life to guide your decisions. While the plan may change as circumstances evolve, an academic plan can be the guiding force through your child’s educational career.

You’re not alone.

Our experienced representatives, lead by our Director of Special Needs Karen Lee Mah, can partner with you to find the school that is perfect for your child’s situation. With research and determination, your child will have the tools to thrive in the perfect school.

Get started today!

We’ll help you find the right school, public or private, so your autistic child will thrive.

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