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Schools for gifted children


Helping families select the best school for their gifted child – Private or Public

While every child is unique and has special talents, profoundly gifted children (those who test in the top 1-to-3% on IQ tests, although some definitions extend this to top 5%) may be poorly served by their schools. These children may be bored in regular classrooms and, in some instances, can be disruptive to the rest of the class.  As their grades tend to be good, it is easy for teachers to instead focus on the needs of children who require assistance in achieving benchmarks. Often they have poor social skills and have difficulty finding an appropriate peer group in a regular school. Since nurturing these talents, rather than ignoring them, can help these youths lead long and fulfilling lives, parents must understand the importance of identifying gifted children early on.

Some schools and programs require an IQ test to determine whether a child is exceptionally gifted. An IQ test measures a child’s intelligence, in contrast with achievement tests, which can provide insight on what a child has learned. While some parents may not want to subject their children to these tests, they can actually prove helpful in the long run, when a youth’s results single out gifted characteristics. With the knowledge that their kids excel in certain areas, adults can better understand their gifted children and look into appropriate schools. They can also help their children understand themselves, explaining to them why they may struggle socially or not fit into an academic environment.

No matter where gifted children attend classes, it is important that they enroll in an institution that will keep them intellectually stimulated, have teachers who understand and respect their needs, as well as a peer group of other children with whom they have enough in common to develop friendships.

How we can help.

Since 1998, School Search Solutions has helped thousands of families around the world find the right schools for their children.

Our thorough, dedicated one-on-one counseling approach allows our expert school placement consultants to fully understand the specific needs of your child, and thus make the appropriate recommendations, and set-forth a program that meets your needs, and most importantly set your child on the right educational path.

For more information about out services, please visit the Plans & Packages page, or contact us via our website or by calling 1-914-328-3000 (within the USA, call us toll-free at  1-866-881-5959).

We are also experts in helping families find the perfect school for children with special needs, including:

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