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Boarding Schools in NYC

College-preparatory and boarding schools are two types of independent schools in the New York City (NYC) area that may be attractive alternatives for parents who feel their local public schools are not the best fit for their child.

As a result of budget cuts at the state and federal levels, many public schools are no longer able to provide students with resources that are crucial to their education. Class sizes may have grown over the past few years, and electives and extracurricular activities may have been reduced or eliminated.  Although economic conditions are turbulent, independent institutions that rely on tuition, endowments and gifts continue to be financially self-sufficient and therefore can offer quality educational resources that can enhance student learning. Since independent schools vary considerably, parents will want to think about their children and the academic setting that is most compatible with their needs.

NYC prep schools are secondary institutions that are designed with the purpose of preparing students to enter their desired college or university. These schools may be structured according to different models. They may be single-sex or co-educational, religious or non-sectarian. These institutions can also be day schools, boarding schools or a combination of both.

Parents will find that independent schools have smaller classes which allow more individual attention from faculty. Expectations are often higher as teachers are working to prepare pupils for the competitive college admissions process. As many prep school students go on to enroll in some of the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities, these academic environments are designed to build these individuals’ academic and extracurricular credentials.

Boarding schools close to NYC may be appealing to parents who are looking for an academic setting for their children that will help these youths mature by focusing on their studies, learning to become more responsible and developing strong friendships that can last a lifetime.

Private and independent schools have the opportunity to invest in their on-campus services and provide pupils with athletic equipment, facilities and college counseling that can help them on their path to becoming well-rounded college students. Extracurricular activities offered may include sports teams, theater productions, music performances or visual arts programs. Although tuition rates may seem daunting, they should not be a deterrent to families who lack the resources to pay tuition and fees but still would prefer an independent school education for their child. Independent schools give out a great deal of financial aid to students who would be an asset to the school but whose families lack the financial means without assistance.

Boarding schools allow students to live away from home and develop a sense of independence and responsibility. As on-campus residents are younger than they will be in college, they will face stricter rules, such as curfews, designated and supervised study hours, and policies regarding room visits.

International parents who are looking for a way to expose their children to American culture might also want to look into the benefits of boarding school in the greater NYC area so that these youths can benefit from an American education even if they come from a different country.

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