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Boarding Schools in New Jersey

What to expect from boarding schools in NJ

Families may have the misconception that New Jersey boarding schools offer a cold environment characterized by austere living conditions and relentless academics. These are the places to which children are “sent away” with little subsequent communication with parents. These notions are based on false assumptions likely drawn from books or movies! In reality, there are 36,000 students attending boarding schools in the US. They go off happily and text parents day and night. This is no life of deprivation with strict rules and severe punishments. Here, instead, are some key characteristics of boarding schools in New Jersey.

Schools enroll students from all socio-economic backgrounds. Fully one third of boarding school students receive some sort of financial aid. A larger portion of students are coming from public schools. New Jersey boarding schools do their best to make their programs accessible through financial aid grants. There are loans for K-12 school tuition. Boarding schools in New Jersey are not only for the extremely wealthy.

Boarding schools in NJ generally host a more diverse student population than public schools. Boarding schools form their student body, purposefully building a student mix from different geographical areas, economic backgrounds and national origins. This ensures a richer learner community, not as readily available at a public school which tends to draw from single neighborhood where populations tend to represent a similar demographic. Further, boarding schools offer ample opportunity for student interaction beyond the classroom. Friendships among all sorts of students develop on the playing fields, over relaxed meals and in the dorms.

New Jersey boarding schools are great places for students to have fun. Alumni will likely mention that while they had to work hard, they made great friends. Further, boarding schools foster student independence. For a young person, there is nothing more enjoyable than being granted some autonomy within a secure and supervised environment.

Boarding schools in New Jersey are not just for students who are having trouble in school. Overall, there are two kinds of boarding schools. There are therapeutic boarding schools for students who are not thriving in a traditional classroom. This could be as a result of a learning difference, emotional problem or substance abuse. Therapeutic boarding schools also offer a serious academic program, however, include other objectives in their overall education plan for students. The second kind of boarding school is a college preparatory boarding school. Students who are good candidates for college prep boarding school are good students looking for a new challenge or specialized instruction only offered at a boarding program. Avoid misperceptions by understanding these two, general categories of boarding school.

Finally, boarding school students in New Jersey find it easy to stay in touch with family. First, some may live in the metropolitan area and be only an hour or two away from home by car or train. Bringing new friends who liver farther afield home can be part of the fun. Secondly, internet service, texts and calls make it easy for parents and students to maintain communication.

Here is a short selection of best boarding schools in NJ

Some schools represent classic rivalries between sports teams, such as between Peddie School and Blair Academy. Lacrosse, crew and field hockey are key sports. Lawrenceville is among the most highly esteemed boarding schools in the US.

  • The Hun School of Princeton, Princeton, NJ
  • The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • The Pennington School, Pennington, NJ
  • Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ
  • Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ
  • Purnell School, Pottersville, NJ
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