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Boarding Schools in Miami, Florida

Many options among Florida boarding schools

Florida boarding schools offer opportunities for many types of students. There are therapeutic boarding schools, single-sex boarding schools and boarding schools for students with learning differences. Boarding schools in Florida include military schools and the traditional college preparatory programs. Because the weather is so mild, boarding schools in Florida have particular emphasis on sports. There are programs for tennis, riding, swimming and even scuba diving. There are ample choices which offer programs for every need and requirement.

The state of Florida legislates the minimum requirements for curriculum content. Florida boarding schools must meet or exceed these requirements. Known for high academic standards, boarding schools routinely surpass state requirements. Academic approaches can vary. Traditional schools typically offer a teacher-lead approach. The curriculum is test-based and may offer Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate coursework. Progressive schools are characterized by a student-centered classroom experience. Equally, the students are prepared for college level work. However, teachers take more of a supporting role as active guides and mentors. Challenge your perceptions about these different formats. Think carefully about where your student would flourish, even if this is not the classroom setting that you would chose!

Boarding schools in Florida offer sports as an integral part of the program. All students participate. Usually one afternoon per week is for sports and Saturdays are major sporting days, as well. The sports offerings include track and field facilities, natatoria, scuba, basketball, squash and badminton courts, golf courses, equestrian facilities, soccer and field hockey fields, hockey rinks, rowing facilities and much more. Students at all levels are encouraged to participate. Competitive, intramural and varsity sports are very popular. Some students are nationally ranked athletes and Olympic hopefuls.

There are several Florida boarding schools offering equestrian programs. An equestrian program takes significant amounts of money to operate. But it is one of the features which set boarding schools apart from day schools. Most schools with equestrian programs offer boarding for your student’s horse, too. While English style riding tends to dominate the sport, Western riding programs can be found at several schools.

Several therapeutic boarding schools offer programs for at-risk teens. One unique school is the Safe Harbor Academy, a waterfront boarding school for boys. The students live on board vessels and learn to sail while studying for their high school diplomas.

Boarding schools in Florida offer excellent opportunities for international families. Students benefit from a scholastic community where learners from many countries are represented. International families appreciate the high standard of education, secure environment, close supervision, the opportunity to perfect English and to immerse oneself in American culture. Attending an American boarding school is also excellent preparation for American college or university work.

For families considering specifically boarding schools in Miami, there are several programs nearby that offer boarding with day programs. North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek is a college prep boarding school with support for students with mild learning differences. St Andrew’s School in Boca Raton is an Episcopal school founded in 1962. It is a JK-12 coeducational, college preparatory school with a boarding program for grades 9-12.

Selection of boarding schools in Florida

  • Admiral Farragut Academy, St. Petersburg, FL
  • The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL
  • North Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek, FL
  • Saint Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, FL
  • Windermere Preparatory School, Windermere, FL
  • Montverde Academy, Montverde, FL
  • Safe Harbor Academy, Jacksonville, FL
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