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MOBILITY Magazine: There & Back Again - Successfully Repatriating to U.S. Schools

Please read Alex Ruttenberg’s and Polly Rodriguez’s article, There & Back Again featured in the May 2017 issue of MOBILITY magazine. Click here to access the article. ...
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Facing rejection from a private school?

You have applied to the best private schools.  What to do when the news is not good?  Your child is not offered a seat at your...
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Grades not perfect? You can still ace the boarding school interview!

  It is important to be genuine and speak honestly about your academic record.  The admissions team will be won over by your candor.  Importantly, best...
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Eight Steps to a Strong Boarding School Interview

  1.  Demonstrate excellent presentation skills, an affable demeanor, neat appearance, enthusiastic and frank responses and interactions with boarding school personnel. 2.  Your interview begins the...
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In Brooklyn, the Secret to Improving Student Achievement

    Recently the New York Times profiled Jack Spatola, the principal at P.S. 172 in Brooklyn.  Among many exceptional characteristics, one notes immediately Mr. Spatola’s...
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