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Finding your perfect school has
never been this easy.

No other school-finding tool allows families
to get beyond the website. Ultimately, it is not only
the bricks and mortar that make a school, but the
living community inside of it.

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school placement consultancy

School Placement Requires Expertise

Our expert education consultants are trained to look beyond the superficial aspects of a school - the pretty campus, the brand new gym, or the popularity - and instead strive to understand a school’s culture, atmosphere, values, and educational environment.

My advice is to make school experience an end in itself – not a means to an end. What secondary schools and universities are really looking for are children who have learned, who have made the most of their opportunities, who have experienced something and really engaged with that experience. The right school can foster each child’s unique abilities to succeed for their next phase.

Liz Perelstein
School Search Solutions
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